Francisco Ferrándiz. Telemadrid, 120 minutos. 25/06/2018

Interview with Francisco Ferrándiz in the program 120 minutos in Telemadrid about possible exhumations in the Valley of the Fallen. 


Francisco Ferrándiz. 19/06/2018. Hora 25

Francisco Ferrándiz intervenes in the program Hora 25, of the Cadena SER, in relation to the proposal of the Government of Pedro Sánchez to move the remains of Franco from the Valley of the Fallen.

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Etxeberria, was awarded for his work in historical memory 09/06/2018

Etxeberria, was awarded for his work in historical memory

The anthropologist and forensic doctor Paco Etxeberria received, on June 9, in Estella the “XVIII Manuel de Irujo” prize, which recognizes his work and professional career in the field of historical memory.
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Francisco Ferrándiz. Russian TV. 11/05/2017

Interview with Francisco Ferrándiz on the proposal in the Congress to exhume the remains of Francisco Franco of Valle de los Caídos

Francisco Ferrándiz. BBC World Service. 09/05/2017.

Cathedral of the Fallen

“Giles Tremlett takes us into the fierce battles being fought over The Valle de los Caidos, an enormous memorial to Spain’s civil war dead constructed by the dictator Francisco Franco. For some a greatmonument, for others a war crime, it has become a flashpoint for spiritual and political conflict.

The Valley of the Fallen is a giant cemetery, made visible by a basilica larger than St. Peters in Rome, carved into a mountain. Most striking of all is the free standing granite cross which at 150 metres is the tallest in the world. The visual association of Franco and Catholicism at the valley is stark, not least because of the giant cross; but it reflects the long held and close association between the two. The church supported Franco openly during the civil war, which lasted from 1936 until 1939.

In the aftermath of Franco’s death in 1975, Spain transitioned from dictatorship to democracy; but one aspect of the transition was silence over the issues of Francoist persecution and brutality. Today, the battle over how Franco and the Civil War should be remembered is one of the most significant religious and political conflicts in Spain; at the valley of the fallen, and the working church buried deep within it, they collide”. (BBC World Service)

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Francisco Ferrándiz and Francisco Exteberria. 09/05/2017. Hora 25

“El abandono del Valle de los Caídos”

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More info: Los huesos olvidados del Valle de los Caídos 


Objetivo: Exhumar a Franco EITB

Equipo de redacción – TV EITB
March 30, 2017

The program investigates the difficulties  of families to recover the bodies of their relatives from the Valle de los Caídos.


The Bones Reader II: The Civil War Graves

“Bringing to light the bones that were below earth and closing the story of the people who disappeared during the Civil War is the goal of the program. The forensic anthroplogist Paco Etxeberria and the journalist Dani Álvarez go to the chasms of Gaztelu and Otsaportilo.”


Documentary “España, la memoria enterrada”

“On July 18, 1936, a coup d’état provoked the Spanish Civil War, followed by Francisco Franco’s dictatorship. Decades later, historians and victims denounce that Spain is the second country in the world with the largest number of disappeared people, and that there is no state policy facing the debts of the past. To the point that, while families ask for truth and reparation, it is the Argentinian justice that currently investigates Francoism’s crimes.”

With Francisco Ferrándiz y Francisco Etxeberria.