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MAGUIRE, Mark, RAO, Ursula, and ZURAWSKI, Nils (editors)(2018). Bodies as Evidence: Security, Knowledge, and Power

From biometrics to predictive policing, contemporary security relies on sophisticated scientific evidence-gathering and knowledge-making focused on the human body. Bringing together new anthropological perspectives on the complexities of security in the present moment, the contributors to Bodies as Evidence reveal how bodies have become critical sources of evidence that is organized and deployed to classify, […]

20-30/11/2018. Conferences “Memories, Human Rights and Citizenship”

CONFERENCES from November 20 to 30 MEMORIES, HUMAN RIGHTS AND CITIZENSHIP From the Transición to 15M Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociología Universidad Complutense de Madrid     Our companions, Francisco Ferrándiz, Zoé de Kerangat, María Laura Martín-Chiappe, Francisco Etxeberría, and Lee Douglas, from the Politics of Memory, will participate in the conference.   Full […]

VINYES, Ricard (dir.) (2018). Dictionary of collective memory

The Diccionario de la memoria colectiva is a pioneering work in the studies of our recent history, which takes the pulse of a demanding society, attentive to the legacy of other memories and to the proposals of the new research currents. The Editorial Gedisa thus undertakes a cutting-edge project of deep social science, endorsed by […]

21-24/11/2018. Conference of Francisco Ferrándiz at the Born CCM – Barcelona

  International Conference: TRIALOGUES. CITY AND MEMORY November 21 – 24, 2018. The Born Cultural and Memorial Centre (Barcelona)   This first edition brings together experts, artists, activists and national and International initiatives together in Barcelona using a trialogue format, open to the public, to reflect on contemporary ways of focusing, transmitting and materializing memory […]

From heaven to earth: narrate the memory in the tropic

Text: Óscar Ulloa Calzada Being helpless by an earthquake is a fact, eating the helplessness is an act. Between fact and act, the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca, expanded the territory of memory to stay away from oblivion. Here is the story of how a Mexican community has sought to overcome the opprobrium since September […]