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FERNÁNDEZ PRIETO, Lourenzo and MÍGUEZ MACHO, Antonio (editors)(2018). Golpistas e verdugos de 1936. Historia dun pasado incómodo

This is the story of the executioners. It is not a heroic or pleasant story, nor a forgotten story. It’s a story we did not want to know, but historians are forced to investigate and contextualize. Knowledge is always surprising and deflects errors, myths, interested deformations. We tried that. The readers will know in this […]

RIBEIRO DE MENEZES, Alison, CAZORLA-SANCHEZ, Antonio, and SHUBERT, Adrian (editors)(2018). Public Humanities and the Spanish Civil War

This interdisciplinary collection of essays examines contemporary public history’s engagement with the Spanish Civil War. The chapters discuss the history and mission of the main institutional archives of the war, contemporary and forensic archaeology of the conflict, burial sites, the affordances of digital culture in the sphere of war memory, the teaching of the conflict […]

Miriam Saqqa. RTPA, La buena tarde. 14/12/2018

Interview with Miriam Saqqa in the program La buena tarde, on Radiotelevisión del Principado de Asturias (RTPA), in relation to her conference: “¿Cuánta identidad cabe en unos huesos mal enterrados? Trascendencia real y simbólica de las políticas de la memoria en el Estado Español, that she gave in the Conference: La Memoria Obstinada. Miradas actuales […]

Francisco Etxeberría. Cadena Ser, Vidas Enterradas. 16/12/2018

Interview with Francisco Etxeberría in the program Vidas Enterradas: “The state of things: truth, justice, reparation”. Vidas Enterradas is a radio serial that rescues, through the documentary report, the life and death of people killed during the Civil War and the Franco regime. Of the protagonists of each story there are hardly any photographs preserved, […]

“Valeriano Weyler en Cuba y la invención del campo de concentración?”

Conference by:  Alberto P. Martí (University of Nottingham)    Thursday, December 13, 2018 18.00 – 20.00 hours Aula 220 Facultat de Geografia i Història (Universitat de Barcelona) C/ Montalegre, 6 Metro Universitat – Catalunya – Liceu Free entry How to get? For more information: Facebook of Rastres i Rostres Guardar

UNREST Final conference at the British School at Rome on 6-8 February 2019

The Horizon 2020 project ‘Unsettling Remembering and Social Cohesion in Transnational Europe’ (UNREST) Final Conference will take place at the British School at Rome on 6-8 February 2019. This international conference invites some of the leading specialists in Memory Studies, History, Social Anthropology, Political Philosophy, Cultural Studies and Human-Computer Interaction, heritage professionals, cultural practitioners, and […]